Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Okay, here's the problem. I have no space. Well, that's a little bit of a lie because I have quite a bit of space, just no organization. I need to have tins and boxes and the like so that my sewing things aren't just thrown into a bag. I need to have shelves to put said boxes on. I need to have a space to put my sewing machine that isn't also the space that James works in the evenings. I have seen so many beautiful workrooms on various blogs that invoke some serious lifestyle envy, and think I need to set about creating a space that makes me feel happy to be in it. Especially with my PGCE starting in a mere two weeks time, I'm going to need a big dose of inner peace before the start of September.
Rant over.
Well almost.
I cannot find the camera. Somewhere in the house (James' parents') there is a Canon G9. I have searched and searched, but no luck. James says he remembered putting it somewhere safe in case somebody came in the back door and stole it. Whilst this is reasonable, as our back door is open pretty much all hours of the day, it would be a better plan if he could remember where the safe place is.
Now it's over.