Tuesday, 19 January 2010

First proper post, having just got back from the library (Final Year exams are all about the 14 hour days). I am consoling myself with the fact that my lovely new yarn will be here soon. It's Claudia's pure silk lace weight from www.modernknitting.co.uk, who incidentally have the most amazing selection of yarn. It doesn't come cheap at £30, but it will (I am promised) make a reasonably-sized shawl. With colourways like 'Last Night's Wine' and 'Plumicious' who could resist? I opted for this slightly more muted 'Blue Ridge', heaven.

I also got some Trekking Maxima sock yarn to knit some socks for James. I'm sticking to the 'No Jumpers Until 10 Years Together Otherwise He'll Leave You And You'll End Up An Old Maid' rule, so socks and scarves it is.

This means I have something to look forward to after the exams (1 down, 2 to go). Wednesday morning I'll be off on the epic drive to Cornwall, to drink tea on the beach and go swimming at Porthtowan Tidal Pool, which has become my all-time favourite place to swim. Last time we went there it was early morning, drizzling with rain, deserted, amazing.

Off to sleep now for beauty rest etc, back to the library in the morning :(

In the beginning...

This is my brand new blog, dedicated to my great loves; plants of all descriptions, winter picnics, baking, music, knitting, sewing, and of course, my greatest love of all, The Sailor. I hope that the things that make me smile from day to day will do the same for you.