Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas Cake Baking

I've had a while away, and I've only gone and got myself a job! I start in January, so I'm making the most of my time off. Today I baked a Christmas cake, and despite having a power cut about half an hour after I'd put it in the oven, it looks to be doing well (still in the oven, I had no idea they took so long to cook!)

On the plus side, although I haven't been blogging, I have been reading, and reading and reading blogs, and appreciating the time and effort others (other than slovenly me that is) put in.


  1. Hello love, thought I'd been missing your posts!!! How are things - tell me about the new job?
    By the way, ages and ages ago I emailed you my address as you were kindly sending me some earrings to match my others (do you remember, it was YONKS ago)....
    Did you ever get that email as I keep worrying I sent it to the wrong person!
    Can't wait to hear about the job.

  2. I didn't get the e-mail, maybe try sending it again? I have them all wrapped up and everything (if the paper is dusty when you get them you'll know why!) The job is at a school in Calne, full time secondary science teaching WITH my own lab so super excited!!! Hope you and the little ones (or not so little as I see from your blog, 8 already?) are well x