Monday, 12 December 2011

Granny's Attic Sylko Haul

Last week I went to one of my favourite shops, Granny's Attic. It's a house clearance shop in a little market town near me, and is run by a really sweet lady who likes to stop and chat. The shop is tiny, but crammed full of all sorts of lovely things (and some not so lovely, but that's the fun of the thrift/charity/house clearance experience).
I'm going to share a secret. Under one of the shelves, hidden away, is a big plastic toybox. I'm sure that the shop owner and I are the only ones who know about this box, because it contains a whole host of delights.

Sylko thread (original wooden reels), vintage mending/darning cotton in a rainbow of colours, fixings, poppers, hooks and eyes, zips, the list goes on. The best part? 39p each, and if you buy a few (as I always do), lovely shop lady will round the total price down.

With new reels of cotton costing at least £1.20 in my local fabric and sewing shop, this would be a bargain if I were just buying it for the thread. But obviously I'm not.

Hmm. Spot the plastic reel. And the Tesco one.

Those amazing jewel-like shades. Be still my beating heart.

The names of the shades are also amazing.

D. 417 - Gay Kingfisher
D. 45 - Turkey Red Shade
D. 206 - Pomegranate
D. 110 - Sevres Blue
D. 43 - Lt. Scarlet
D. 103 - Lt. Old Gold

I also have to confess that I bought two wooden reels with no cotton on them. Would it be too tragic to wind some new coats cotton onto them just for display purposes?



  1. Hee hee great post!!!! Where is this market town you speak of?
    Never made it to Bath before Christmas and really gutted as had a fantasy of meeting you at the market in Green Park and it never flippin' happened!!!!
    Wonder how you never received my email re those earrings.
    Will email you again. x x

  2. Thank you so so so so much. I got your package yesterday. I LOVE the earrings and can't believe how kind you were to pop the other things in. Will blog about it some time this week. Thanks Helen.
    x x x x x x

  3. These are wonderful treasures and your right the display possibilities are endless!!!

  4. Where are you!!!!!!! Missing your blog posts. x x x