Friday, 30 April 2010

So Little Time.

Indeed, so little time and so much to do. Having worked late yesterday evening on a group presentation I'm now very sleepy. I have finally made a revision timetable, the final push! Every moment of every day is now assigned to reading journals and writing notes. And memorising, lots and lots of memorising. The two little dots on the bottom are the last of the exams, and come the 3rd of June I'm free from exams forever. A good feeling, but seems an awfully long way off.

In other news, James finally got back from Spain (circa volcanic explosion) via an epic drive through France, which he actually quite enjoyed. Also there was a stop off for a gift for me, these strange chocolate covered almonds which are made to look like olives (?!) from an apparently famous shop called la cure gourmande. Strange but true (and delicious).

Also, a couple of weeks back when I visited him in Cornwall, he gave me one of my birthday presents a bit early (21 on the 25th May!). Long story short, at that point he was going on a research fellowship to Israel, and thought he wouldn't see me around my birthday, but then he was offered a full-time position by an ecological consultant company near where we will be living. I was completely amazed by how he chose this for me. He could have knocked me down with a feather.

I'm writing a thank-you letter this evening, hopefully something that makes the recipient as happy as sticking that little stamp on and popping it into the shiny postbox makes me. In our neurodegenerative diseases lectures, a carer and/or patient often comes in for the last 15 minutes to give a 'real-life' account of the disease. Today we talked about Parkinson's disease, and Mary Shorter and her husband Peter (who has PD) came in. She was amazing, and talked as well as the lecturer! I really felt that she wanted to share with us, and I thought it was very (I want to say brave but that sounds patronising) of her and Peter to come in and stand in front of a hundred students to be studied. She is the chair of the Southampton Parkinson's disease society, and they run fantastic events for sufferers of PD, and also a group to provide support for the partners of patients. A lovely lady.

Finally, my only craft happening at the mom
ent is patchwork, because I can do it in bed when I finally fall in about midnight. The fabrics are all small samples from various shops (John Lewis do a fantastic service and send out up to 6 pieces about A4 size each. Cath Kidston also does small samples of selected fabrics online). In the true student spirit, this venture has cost almost nothing, the thread and home-made card templates costing pence. Once I've made them all, I need to decide whether to make more cushions (maybe a little dull) or be adventurous and go for a small quilt. Or maybe somebody has an idea for something a little different?

Well, off for a nice cup of tea, yoghurt for dinner :(

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