Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Long time no blog

Well, finally finished university with a 2:1, not too shabby! Now I'm back living with James and his parents, with long days filled with housework etc. I didn't realise cleaning up after 2 people would be so much more work than 1! I also don't really know where the days go. I get up and washed and dressed, then start the cleaning, cooking, washing cycle and before I know it James is back from work and it's 7pm. Does anybody else find their days go this way?
I think I should start making time for more lovely knitting and sewing. Last week I made the Sunday dinner hostess apron from 'Weekend Sewing', written by Heather Ross whose blog can be found here. This week I'm starting on Christmas presents, I'm still very poor from student life, so it's homemade treats all round. I'm knitting little baby cardigans now, and for later in the year, I've seen some lovely Rocky Road over at Vanessa's blog Coco Rose Textiles which I think would look just perfect with some Christmassy ribbon. In fact, pretty much anything in a Kilner jar with ribbon round makes a wonderful gift.
Now that I don't live with Becky I have no camera again, but hopefully will resolve that soon...
Have a lovely day all, this should be the start of more frequent blogging!
Helen xx

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