Monday, 26 July 2010

And the beat goes on

I've started knitting and sewing Christmas gifts (I know, it's too early to even think about the 25th), cardigans for family babies, little lavender pillows and purses for the ladies, and chunky winter-warmer scarves for the men. I really would like to learn how to knit socks, but just can't get the hang of double-pointed needles. Any tips? I've also been scouring craft blogs for ideas for printable gifts, and found some really cute seed packet templates here, which I've printed on the back of beautiful printable papers from Non-pareil DIY weddings (each of the projects has various papers and other downloadable goodies!), perfect for the green-fingered recipients.
On a more summery note, I've had vase after vase of heady-fragranced sweet-peas from the garden, and more courgettes than I can shake a stick at. Any recipes other than ratatouille made solely from courgettes?
I went charity shopping with my sister today, it's so nice to see her as for a few years I've been living away at university. I bought some beautiful egg cups in CK-style pink/blue/yellow/green, a pretty ceramic storage jar and a lovely old edition of Darwin's 'The voyage of the Beagle' for James' stocking (Christmas again, I can't help myself).
After a wonderful day, I was driving home only to be slightly annoyed by an arrogant motorcyclist who thought it necessary to ride 6 inches from my bumper with his headlights on full. Sometimes it's hard to keep calm.
Hope everybody had a lovely day!

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