Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oscar's Chevron Stripe Baby Blanket

There is a new baby. His name is Oscar. He likes to be slung over your shoulder. He is going to South Africa to meet his grandparents for Christmas. He will be coming back to England in January. He likes to be warm. 

So I started making his Christmas present early. In fact I started making it before he was born but I was a little ambitious with how much time I could devote to it (about an hour a week, watching Downton Abbey). 

This is the yarn I used, it's Peter Pan DK from Wendy. It was not too expensive (wasn't sure how well this was going to turn out and whether I'd actually want to give it as a gift), Machine washable (who knits things that can't be washed that are going anywhere near a newborn?!), and supersoft. 

The three colours I used were Raindrop (910), Freckles (903) and Primrose (380). This yarn comes in 40 shades so is perfect for making something really personal to the baby and their parents. 

I used this pattern and it's perfect. Simple, repetitive, good for knitting whilst watching TV. 

There's only one problem with this project, it's making me very broody and wanting to knit lots of other lovely baby things. 

I may have ordered this book.

I want to make this, this and everything from this

I'm also going to start making another one of these blankets when I've finished in more girly colours, I'm thinking Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in:


Enjoy your Tuesday!


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