Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bath Vintage and Antiques Market, and a trip to Lacock Abbey

Well, what a busy few days! First up was the Bath Vintage and Antiques market on the Sunday of Bank Holiday Weekend. It was pretty quiet, but we had a good day and met lots of lovely people. For anyone who's ever sold at markets, you'll know what hard work it is and so we are branching into the internet trade. We should have a website all set up and ready to go by the end of the month. If anybody wants to know more about this then we have a special e-mail address (info@unique-and-chic.com) for the business stuff.

We're also doing a monthly e-mail newsletter with local craft and vintage events, new items for sale, and (if I get my act together) free craft patterns to download. Sales talk over, here are some pictures of us at the market, and some of the lovely things we had on offer.

At the weekend, James and I took advantage of our free Tenant National Trust membership, and went on a jaunt to the Abbey.
When we were looking for a house, a flat in this building (which is attached to the side of the Abbey) was available, but it had no garden so it wasn't a winner.

We drank Fentiman's Ginger Beer. Check out the Abbey framed in my arm. While I'm on the topic of delicious drinks, lots of shops local to us now sell Fentiman's Rose Lemonade. This is the tastiest and girliest (and possibly priciest) summer drink EVER. Perfect for the sunny weather we haven't had.

We played croquet (James called it crochet).

I wore my Laura Ashley dress and my new bag. You can't see it here but it has a panther on the clasp. Slightly eccentric but I was drawn to it.

Hope everyone else has had a lovely week and those with children aren't too stressed out by the return to school!


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  1. Hello my love,
    Oh I miss Green Park. Your stall looks ace though. Did you sell anything? I am determined to come. I WILL surprise you!!!
    BTW I emailed you with my address ages ago as requested but am worried you didn't ever receive it.
    So sick of this weather, bring back summer. I love Fentimans ginger beer, will try the rose lemonade next summer.
    LOVING your L.A. dress, its so cute.
    x x x