Friday, 15 July 2011

Is it a collection?

Can you call two of one thing a collection? If so I am now the proud collector of Laura Ashley dresses (circa 1980, floral cotton only). Last year I stumbled across a lovely red floral belted Laura Ashley dress in Oxfam. It was mid-calf length (the most unflattering length of dress ever made?) but fitted me like a glove. And was £3.99. So I bought it, whipped out the sewing machine and took it up.

Then last week I was wandering around the same Oxfam, and saw this blue beauty, perfect condition, same horrific mid-calf length, lovely slightly pouffy vintagey sleeves, for £3.99. I thought, this must be a sign that I should collect these dresses. The lady at the till looked at me as though I was a bit mad, not sure she understood why I was so excited. I rushed the hem a bit and didn't pin it enough, but I reckon I'll get away with it.
So, from now on, I am on the lookout for these dresses, they are lovely soft cotton and beautifully made. Anyone else have a collection of two?



  1. They are both gorgeous, great finds. There are so many things I see in charity shops that would be great if they were altered but I can't sew very well and never get round to taking them to someone who can, so a lot of them get left on the shelf!

  2. I remember wanting a Laura Ashley dress back then, but money was tight so it was out of the question. Your 'collection' is beautiful. Have fun being on the hunt for more to add to it.

  3. Gorgeous garden. Stunning dresses. I can't sew at all so wouldn't have a clue what to do.....definitely a vintage Laura Ashley "collection".
    Re my dad, how weird that he seems familiar. Do you ever go into Frome? He's probably been spotted there, although Home bird says he looks familiar too. So not sure.
    He isn't a teacher parents love walking around Wiltshire. Could you have bumped into them? Madness isn't it?!
    x x